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Chemistry Chemistry Chemisrty

Different Molecular Shapes

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[gaint polymers]

Simulated lamellar structure in a n block copolymer consisting of a silicon part (polydimethylsioloxane) and an aliphatic part (polyisoprene). Carbon-green, Silcon-orange, Oxygen-red, and Hydrogen-grey.


polymer Molecule


Ordered structures in polymers examined with neutron scattering. The figure shows a hexagonal ordered phase of a block copolymer.


Under well-defined conditions two polymers can form continous network structures as shown on this electron micrograph.


A scanning electron micrograph of a surface of a polysulfone-membrane of approximately 1.0 um pore size. The membrane can be used for separation of cell material in aqueous protein solutions.


Nylon molecules


Polyester molecules




Teflon molecules



[rainbow line]

Veiw some chemical structures

Veiw some chemical formulas

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