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Polyamide (Nylon)

Polyamide generally known as nylon, which is formed from adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

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Amide linkage are formed at both ends

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Properties of Nylon:

-High strength

-Good elasticity

-Abrasion resistance

-Good solvent resistance

Nylon fibers are used for:

-Tire cord




-Home furnishings

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**The high strenght of nylon allows manufacture of lightweight and very sheer fabrics.

**High strength nylon also has a variety of automotive and industrial uses.

**Kevlar is an aromatic nylon prepared from terephthalic acid.

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Properties of Aromatic Polyamides (aramids):

-High melting point (over 500 degrees Celsius)

-High in strength

-High inthermal stability

-High performance properties

Aromatic Polyamide finds use in:

  • Heavy duty conveyor belts

  • Composite structure with resins such as epoxies

    **It competes with steel in radial tire reinforcement.

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