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Properties of polyester:

  • High melting point
  • Good mechanical properties to about 175 degrees Celsius
  • Good resistance to solvent and chemicals

    Polyester fibers have:

  • Good crease resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good resistance to abrasion

    Polyester film has:

  • High tensile strenght
  • High resistance to failure on repeated flexing
  • Fair tear strength and high impact strength

    Some typical uses of polyester are in:

  • Garments
  • Rope
  • Fish nets
  • High grade films


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    **The best known polyester being used as a film and as a fiber is called poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET).

    **It can be perpared from the acid chloride using aqueous interfacial system.

    **PET is blow molded to produce soft drink bottles.

    It is also used for a variety of things such as:

    -Distributor caps

    -Fender extensions

    -Home appliances

    -Plumbing components

    -Sports equipment

    **The phenylene groups in PET provide stiffness and the two methylene groups in the chain provide a small degree of flexibility.

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