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Welcome to New Generation H.O.P.E! Please READ our profile then join us! Enjoy.

Todays Date:

New Generation H.O.P.E. represents our children, future and road to success.






It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to this New and Outstanding, One of a kind Organization!!

New Generation H.O.P.E., is a PROFITABLE Organization that is created, staffed and operated by its own members.

As members of this Organization, we are bound to a reasonable monthly payment of $5 U.S. dollars.

With your generous contribution of $5 dollars, we are able to benefit all members of this Organization. Any amount over $5 dollars will be deposited into our charitable funds.

New Generation H.O.P.E. consists of three divisions:

- Investments & Trust fund

- Welfare Institution

- Scholarship fund

Our Investments & Trust fund is formed to assist all members of this Organization to establish financial stability. These members will present a project of their interest providing a study of that intended project including the type of business, location, cost, expected income, etc..

Our staff members will introduce such studies to qualifying personnel who will review the plans for consideration. As well as grant all necessary loans up to $100,000 U.S. dollars to further develop your business.

Once your business is originated, we ask you to give 20 % of your total monthly income along with your original $5 dollar contribution for the continuous effort to promote other members in our community.

The second division of this Organization is our Welfare Institution, which is simply designed for donations, made to Palestinian victims and their families, such as widows and Orphans. Other portions of this fund will be fairly distributed to those less fortunate families.

The third and final division, is our Scholarship program that is challenging and very exciting to those qualifying students with Palestinian Origin. The purpose of this fund is to financially support our generations to come further their education. By earning such scholarship, we are able to partially or fully cover their college tuition.

In conclusion, this Organization has high expectations with potential for growth and is beneficial to all !!!

On behalf of all of us here at New Generation H.O.P.E., we would like to extend you a welcome to join our family circle in a community we call HOPE!.



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