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About Us:

We "PalestineLand" are a group of people from different nationalities, share common interests such as politics, searching for truth, and seeking for freedom & justice. The world is full of political issues, more problem arise every day in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmere, Lebanon, Tunisia, name it! However we decided to construct a web site about "Palestine". The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinian took place long time ago, since 1948 when Israelis first occupied and settled in Palestine till this day-no solution or "peace" has been practiced among the two parties. Yet blood shedding still continues along with destruction, demolition, and.

We collect and provide various informations regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestine and Palestinianís point of view.

By providing true documents, images, and real stories; we assist all visitors to be more educated about Palestine and its people. Especially those who lack the proper knowledge or who just follow the Israeli/American media who doesnít reveal many of the humiliations and torture that civilians Palestinians encounter each day of their lives.

We console and sympathize with all those who suffer and struggle with their lives, who lost their loved ones, and whose still scroll down trying to stand up on their feet and fight for their lives, right, dignity, humanity, but most of all their freedom and homeland. We hope and ask GOD that peace will be upon Palestine and any occupied land in the world.

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Our friendly administration will welcome drop by.. share your opinion or just say hello! We love to hear from you.


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