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Express Yourself

In this section of our web site, YOU got to get involved with us. As the title says "Express Yourself" itís your chance to express your self, hobby, whatever you feel that others would be interested in.. from art work to photography to poetry.. even telling us a story or something it might be "unusual" that had happened with you or others related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

We love to hear from all of you, whether you are an artist, photographer, singer, story teller, young or old...been in a situation with the Israelis or Palestinians.. whether that situation was strange, painful, fearful, or even happy! It is your chance to share with us and to express yourself... remember this page is for YOU!:)

To send us your own poem, artwork, or story...etc. please contact us and donít forget to mention your name & age, so we can publish your name as well as your work. If you donít like us to publish your name, please let us know. You may use a nickname if you like to.

Attention: please be advised that...