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My Own Poems



For those pepole who likes poetry, below are some of my favourite poems that I wrote at different times. Hope you like The Two Lovers, My Worse Night and The Dream.

This is a ballad, which means a poem that tells a story. It was written on Wed.Feb.7/96. It is called The Two Lovers.


It was a beautiful spring night
                            and the stars were so bright

She was standing on the balcony
                            and singing  beautiful poetry

Her voice filled the sky
                      And the star began to cry

And the moon was sitting over there
                                and the clouds were braiding her hair

But there was a beautiful garden underneath
                                 It was a very romantic spring eve

She stopped and looked at her hand
                              And she knew that he would come back

He gave her a ring...And she started to sing
                                     To sing a song...a romantic song

About those days...not forgotten age
                                 To sing a song...a romantic song

How he loves her...and cares about her
                               To sing a song...a romantic song

About her lover...about her suffer

She couldn't see him for years
                          But she still has those fears

she spent the years thinking about him
                              And her sister asked, "what happened to Tim?"

It was a beautiful spring time
                            And the stars were so fine

The next day...the same way...once more
                         She looked at the sky...and it was so high

It was in the night...And there was a strong light

she heard a sound...then she turned around

She was so scared...there was no one there

Suddenly she saw a man...but she couldn't understand

He took off his mask...and looked at her band

She whispered to herself:

"Here is the man I was waiting for,Tim?"

"Here is the man I was waiting for,it's him!"

He said, "I shall be yours...and here is a rose"

Then he opened his hand
                     and she saw the necklace that he had

He said "You gave me your sweet heart and I kept it inside mine"

"I never forgot you...and I will be with you, my dear"

"Forever...forever, And together...together"

They walked closer to each other
                       And then kissed one another

Finally they are together...and of course now forever

The next summer days...the next happy days

They were singing..singing again
                            And the happiness was coming once more

The stars were like a group
                      Were dancing for the groom

And the sky was so bright
                     that gave a smile to the bride

finally the moon
               It was a beautiful boon

They spent an interesting time
                             And eveything was so fine.


This poem was written on Jun.5/97.It is called My Worse Night.


To Whom shall I write?!

To the person that I think is right!

I never forgot her when she was dressed all in white

And she was preparing for her wedding night

And guess what, I was wearing my blue jeans tight

The wedding place was nice. It was a beautiful sight

I wished to taste that delicious cake and have just one little bite

But unforunately I was on a damn diet

After the wedding I had a big fight

With some guys who were gathering under the streetlight

They were having fun and playing with their kites

They stole my money and I took on a hike

There was an ugly dog that followed me all night

It bit my leg and tore my new jeans tight

I was walking, walking, and walking until I saw the (shiny) day light

Actually I had a terrible time, it was my wores night

It can, it could be, and it might

Is that right???!


This is a sonnet, which means a poem that contains 14 lines & it has a rhym and a pattern. The pattern is abab cdcd efef gg. I call this sonnet The Dream. It was written on March'98.


As a girl, I would go out with my friends at the time studying on the light of the moon my friends and I were dreaming of a prince that we wished to see him in June but studying attributed us during the dream that we all want suddenly we saw a tour bus that carries students; one playing the drum hatred came out of me, because the students forced us to study but I hate to study near a tree especially when it is close to a river that is muddy anyhow, anyway I still may add and say studying is compulsory yet, we feel well to play!


Special thanks to my friend Imaan El-Sayed for revising the above poems. [image] Wanna read more poems? Click here for Love Poems, (which are not mine).