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Welcome to New Generation H.O.P.E! Please READ our profile then join us! Enjoy.

Todays Date:

It is always a good idea to know about the organization or the company that you deal with. It gives a bit of history, knowledge and interest. So who are we?

About Us:

NG HOPE is an organization open for every one who is particularly Arab, serving ourselves, our future, and our new generation.

We at New Generation H.O.P.E. thought about how could we utilize our capability and combine it with our revenue in a way that is effective and beneficial as well.

We learned that instead of accumulating donations and dispensing it to those in need, which will be a temporary relief, such donations will be gone without providing consistent financial income in the long run.

After careful consideration, we determined that with these funds we are able to establish businesses for the members of this organization. In this case we are investing our revenue in projects that are financially productive and we would have accomplished a financial security for all in a way that is consecutive and permanent.

About the founder:

The idea of the orgainization of NG HOPE was first found by Mr. Ziad. He is ?????? working in ?????. Studied ????? in 1999. Mr. Ziad came up with such idea to serve our community, society, and culture. Mr. Ziad and his team work hard to make this organization as productive, active, and even world wide as possible. We believe by working and co-operating together, we can make it! Not only for ourselves, but also for our future and for the new generation!

Our Mission:

Our dream is that a day will come to our public where our underprivileged will be an owner to a well-established business, in which he will profit from and benefit others also. Certainly better than hoping for charity donations that no matter how high the amount may be its never consistent.

Our Strategy:

Our strategy depends on the following:

A. Organization Role

B. Members Role

Organization Role is as follows:

* NG HOPE will fund its members with projects up to $100,000 U.S. dollars, and that will be in the order in which they joined.

* NG HOPE will try to help its members by securing employees for their business after its establishment.

* NG HOPE will embrace as many members as possible under its parasol.

* NG HOPE extends a welcome to all Arabs to join and become a part of it.

* NG HOPE works for uniting our capabilities and us so that we are one huge and powerful organization.

* This organization will pay all expenses for the study of any plan that its members propose, for example (Visibility study, etc.)

Member's Role is as follows:

* Assist by involving new members in the organization.

* Each member will receive a member number for the order in which they joined this organization. This number will also reserve their place and determines their eligibility for funds.

* Each member has the right to register him/herself, children and family as members in this organization even if the children are under the legal age of 18 years. That is for securing their financial future and reserving their turn so that they have seniority and priority once they are of legal age.

* Each member is obligated to pay a $5 dollars a month

* All members have the option to pay in advance for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

* As a member you have the choice of presenting your project plans as soon as you enroll or may wait for your turn.

* If a member is willing to promote this organization without interest in investments for him/herself, the organization will maintain his/her turn in the order of their enrollment should they need it someday.

* All members may pay more than $5 dollars a month to help other members who may be able to pay their share but their budget wont allow them to cover their children and family.

* Anyone whether a member or non-member has the opportunity to support this organization with any amount monthly or as a one time contribution without any obligation or commitment to the $5 dollars monthly installments.

Get into it!

If you would like to become a member of our organization, please Sign Up today, and we will be more than glad to have you with us. Let's work together... let's make a better production... let's make a difference!

Thank you

On behalf of Mr. Ziad, New Generation HOPE team, and members of NG HOPE, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and for becoming a member. We always welcome any suggestions, comments, or questions. Please Contact Us here.

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