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1948 2002

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Middle East


  • From North: Lebanon
  • From South: Red Sea
  • From East: Jordan, and Syria
  • From West: Mediterranean Sea, and Eygpt


  • Israel: 20,770 sq. km
  • West Bank: 5,860 sq. km
  • Gaza Strip: 360 sq. km

The territories (the "West Bank" and "Gaza Strip") occupied by Israel since the 1967 war are not included in the area of 20,770


  • 6,592,000
  • The Jewish population in the West Bank, and Gaza, exclusive of East Jerusalem which has been annexed, has reached 220,000. (Aug.02 est.)

Population Percentage:

  • Jews make up 77.2% of Israel's population
  • Muslims 15.4%
  • Christians 2.1%
  • Druze 1.6%
  • unaffiliated citizens 3.5%

  • The percentage of Israeli residents who are Arab is 19%, about the same as it when the country was established in 1948.


  • Islam & Christianity ==> The majority of Arab Palestinians are Muslims.

  • Judaism ==> Israelis/Jews.


  • Arabic, Hebrew (according to Israelis occupation)


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Al-Nakba (Catastrophe)

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